RLTC - faqs


Have questions? Del has the answers.

Who should take RLTC?

RLTC is designed for anyone that wants to do more for recreation, or just to be a better volunteer. It's for current and potential leaders in all forms of recreation (and business). Existing club leaders, organizational officers, and people who want to be in these roles should take RLTC. Further, folks that just want to lead better events, meetings, convoys and conventions are exactly the right student for RLTC.

If you want to learn ways to help your club; save some trails; understand politics a bit more; learn some NEPA; or just avoid burning out in recreational volunteerism, then RLTC is for you.

What does RLTC cost and why is there a charge at all, Del?

Enrollment and consulting for RLTC is $150. BlueRibbon Coalition and state-wide association members (organized recreation) get an automatic 20% discount, making the course $120. Group discounts and payment plans are available. I will also donate enrollments to raffles and organizational events.

You can enroll in RLTC and pay later or as you go. The important thing is to build more leaders in recreation. Enroll now; pay later if needed.

How long does RLTC take?

The very first graduate of RLTC, Tony Twiddy (TLCA) finished the course in two months. So far, he has the record. Because you work at your own pace, you can take all the time you want. Each Module is about 20 - 30 pages of reading (and absorbing). The Modules total a little over 200 pages, but each Module requires a little thinking, and several new things are offered for your learning pleasure in each Module. If you were to set aside three hours a week to concentrate on the course, you could finish it easily in a couple months. Less if you work at it with determination.

What is the difference between RLTC and the VLLS workshop?

RLTC is the online correspondence course, all done by email. The Volunteer Leadership & Land Stewardship (VLLS) workshop is the hands-on three (or four) day version on site, in the classroom, taught by Del (and guest speakers).

What have past students said about RLTC (testimonials)?

Several graduates have endorsed, complemented and recommended the course for anyone in the recreation world. See the testimonials here or email me for comments from individual Course Critiques. See more testimonials here

How do I sign up and start today?

You can sign up simply by emailing me with your name, address, club affiliation and payment options. You'll get the first Module right away. It's that simple. We'll work out payments later.

$120.00 pay now and get started. Email me if you would like a payment plan option.

What about payment plans and payment options?

Enrollment and consulting for RLTC is $150. BlueRibbon Coalition and state-wide association members (organized recreation) get an automatic 20% discount, making the course $120. Group discounts and payment plans are available. You can enroll in RLTC and pay later or as you go. If you are in a position to pay now, you can use PayPal, or send a check as you start the course. If you would like to set up a payment plan, or pay later, just drop me a note. We can make it happen. The important thing is to get some training now. Start here.

Who endorses RLTC?

Several organizations support the idea of their members taking training and this leadership course in particular. However, I developed RLTC under my personal business, Albright Enterprises. The BlueRibbon Coalition (for whom I work as a contractor) fully supports leadership training and my work in building a cadre of leaders in recreation. The California Association of 4Wheel Drive Clubs ran an article in In Gear supporting RLTC, and their President, Don Spuhler, personally took the course and graduated from VLLS as well.

The North American Motorized Recreation Council, while not in an official organizational capacity to endorse something, were fully impressed with the course when they saw it at SEMA in 2003.

I personally endorse this course and guarantee you will not find anything else like it, and that you will learn more than you ever expected. - Del

Any famous people ever taken and graduated from RLTC?

I have a long list of famous land use and access folks, as well as organizational folks, who are taking or have taken RLTC. Tony Twiddy (Rubithon) is mentioned here as my first graduate. Kurt Schneider, famous Friends of Eldorado (FOE) and Pirate4x4 Land Use office is a graduate (of RLTC and VLLS). Dennis Mayer of Rubicon Trail Foundation and FOTR fame is a graduate of RLTC and VLLS. Ken Knull, who founded and started Friends of High Lakes is a prominent graduate. Jacquelyne Theisen, famous for starting Friends of Greenhorn, and very active in Hummer groups, graduated from VLLS and is taking RLTC. The list goes on. Email me for more references if you like.

What do I get for graduating?

Over 20 off-road businesses have kicked in to REWARD you for graduating from RLTC. You'll get freebies, swag, discounts and goodies like you can't imagine -- more than the cost of the course. Check out the whole list here.

What is included in the RLTC course?

You receive all 10 Modules by email in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format for you to print out and put in your own 3-ring binder. You also receive RICS Leader Cards, RICS forms for event planning, and a Certificate of Completion. You also become part of a unique network of leaders who continue to exchange ideas (by email) in the years to come. I will also continue to be an advisor to you for leadership questions, ideas, problems and suggestions.